Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services
to help your organization meet your business challenges. Its the freedom to
build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

Why Azure is the right choice :

Productive :
Reduce time to market, by delivering features faster with over 100 end-to-end services

Hybrid :
Develop and deploy where you want, with the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market. Extend Azure on-premises with Azure Stack.

Intelligent :
Create intelligent apps using powerful data and artificial intelligence services

Trusted :
Join startups, governments, and 90 percent of Fortune 500 businesses who run on the Microsoft Cloud today.

Azure vs. AWS

Azure is the right choice :

Organizations all over the world recognize Azure over AWS as the most trusted cloud . When you compare AWS versus Azure, you’ll find that Azure has more comprehensive compliance coverage with more than 70 compliance offerings, and was the first major cloud provider to contractually commit to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To protect your organization, Azure embeds security, privacy, and compliance into its development methodology, and has been recognized as the most trusted cloud for U.S. government institutions, earning a FedRAMP High authorization that covers 38 Azure services. In addition, Azure IP Advantage provides best-in-industry intellectual property protection, so you can focus on innovation, instead of worrying about baseless lawsuits

More regions than any other cloud provider .

Achieve global scale with 54 announced Azure regions more than any other cloud provider. Our priority on geographic expansion means you can choose the datacenter and region that’s right for you and your customers, with the performance and support you need, where you need it.

Build faster with the leading cloud platform .

Rely on the only cloud provider recognized in the industry as having leading solutions in infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS)—in fact, according to this Forrester Total Economic Impact study, you’ll be more productive and increase your ROI with Azure PaaS services. Turn your ideas into solutions faster with more than 100 services, end-to-end management experiences, and app delivery with agile development .

Use any development tool or language .

Develop and build the way you want in Azure, with your choice of tools, applications, and frameworks, like Jenkins and Chef. As a leading open source contributor on GitHub, Microsoft actively supports multiple open source community projects-such as Kubernetes, fluentd, and Helm-and has a unique partnership with Red Hat to offer coordinated, multi-lingual support across multiple products.

Innovate with unmatched intelligence .

Build intelligent solutions at scale using cognitive APIs, bots, machine learning, and blockchain as a service (BaaS) capabilities that you’ll only find with Azure. By pairing these capabilities with powerful GPU-based compute, you’ll accelerate deep learning, enable high-performance computing simulations, and conduct real-time data analytics using NVIDIA GPUs in Azure.

Dig into big data with a complete advanced analytics solution .

Bring limitless elastic scale to your applications with Azure Cosmos DB. Then, turn your data into a competitive advantage using business analytics solutions, such as demand forecasting and inventory optimization. Rapidly build, customize, and deploy best practices with solution templates and enable transformative insights on all your data with Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Easily implement ready-to-use IoT.

Quickly start with the most common Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, using precongured solutions in Azure IoT Suite. Get the most comprehensive portfolio of IoT solutions, ranging from device and edge to data and the cloud, with Azure IoT. It’s open and customizable by design, and 46 percent of Azure Certied for IoT devices run on Linux, Android, or other open source technologies.

Manage and optimize cloud spend with a complete cost management solution.

Optimize your cloud resources, manage departmental budgets, and allocate costs with free Azure Cost Management. Drive accountability through cost allocation and chargeback reports. Maximize resource utilization by right-sizing virtual machines and visualizing the cost-benefits of various purchasing options that Azure offers.

Take your Azure investments further with the Microsoft Cloud :

Get even more value out of your investment in Azure by using one of our industry-leading SaaS services, including Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Azure shares many foundational capabilities with these services, such as identity management through Azure Active Directory and mobile device management through Intune.